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Live Edge Magnetic Knife Rack

Live Edge Magnetic Knife Rack

These are live-edged black walnut magnetic knife holders with beautiful wood grain and magnets spread to hold 1 large chef knife for every 2 1/2" in length, for a total of 5 knives. The bark is still on and has been sealed with penetrating epoxy to ensure that it does not peel off.

I use neodymium rare earth magnets although small they are EXTREMELY powerful. The magnets are embedded in the back to leave a thin layer of material in front of them and sealed into the board with epoxy. The magnets are arranged in pairs so your knife always stays straight and doesn't rotate or bump into other knives on the rack.
Two keyhole slots are included on the back for ease of hanging your knife rack on the wall with either two screws or nails, Not included. Knives are not included.

Board measures 16" x 8" x 1".