Hi, I'm Pete the owner and craftsman for CBR Woodcraft.  I discovered my love for woodworking after making a variety of items for our home, from cornhole boards to built ins and it took off from there.  CBR Woodcraft is a hobby woodworking shop out of my one car garage, and is a proudly veteran owned business as  I've served in the Army for 18 years.  The shop name is a take on my kids names, taking the first initial from each of their first names. 

My shop is based in the Northern Virginia area and you can find me in the spring and fall working the craft fair circuit.  I have produced a variety of products and always love a good challenge.  If you are interested in a custom piece, whether it's furniture, a sign, or a cutting board, message me today and lets get started!

If you'd like to see a gallery of past projects, plus what I'm working on now, check out my Instagram