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End Grain Bar Board Maple and Walnut

End Grain Bar Board Maple and Walnut

This end-grain hardwood cutting board is handmade, with zero dyes or stains. It is made from Domestic Hardwoods: Walnut and Maple. The "bricks" in this pattern are Maple and the "mortar" is made of Black Walnut.

Approximate Measurements: 8 1/2” x 5 1/2” x 3/4”

This is an “End-Grain” board, meaning the end grain of a board is facing upward. End-grain cutting boards require extra steps to create and are often preferred by chefs for their advantages. Advantages include the end-grain fibers are gentler on knives, and knife marks are less noticeable than a face grain or edge grain cutting board. More intricate patterns are also possible due to wood movement and wood grain orientation.

This board is suited well as a cutting board and it's smaller size makes it ideal for those with less counter space. It has a food safe finish that will ensure lasting protection; however, occasional maintenance with cutting board or butcher block conditioners (oils, wax, etc.) are recommended. Our own blend of food-safe oil and wax (board butter) will be included with purchase of the board. Directions for care and washing will also be included.